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      corporate culture

      Enterprise vision: customer satisfaction as the goal, the manufacture of reliable products.
      The core values of enterprises: seeking truth, being practical, being honest and efficient.
      Enterprise behavior policy
      Innovation policy: innovation breakthrough, stable quality, implementation management, improve efficiency.
      Quality policy: quality first, customer first; complement each other, create prosperity.
      Service policy: take the customer as the center, provides the high quality, the convenient, the standard, the sincere service.
      Team policy: the same goal, leading weight, tacit understanding, trust, risk sharing.
      Talent policy: people oriented, so that employees and companies grow together.
      Management policy: strive for excellence, high quality and efficiency, and strive to build a sustainable international first-class IC sales company.
      The principle of morality, morality, Shou Lian: place.
      Corporate culture slogan: honesty, sureness, quality, first class!